Friday, September 7, 2007

Short Sales

I've been seeking a reasonable solution for local homeowners that for various reasons need to sell now even though the proceeds from that sale is less than the total encumbrance on their property, resulting it what is commonly called a Short Sale. Traditionally the property is marketed, the Seller accepts an offer pending the approval of the lien holders. The approval process can take a great deal of time, the lenders can be difficult to contact and even more difficult to negotiate with.

This week I forged an alliance with an organization that specializes in the transaction side of the Short Sale. They offer expertise in the process, leverage their relationship with the lenders and ultimately get the Short Sale to successfully close in a reasonable time frame.

In the past I have shied away from representing Short Sale listings because of the uncertainties involved in succesfully closing the transaction. With this system in place I am now confident that I can provide a valuable service to Sellers who find themselves in a Short Sale situation.

I can be reached at 949-362-5052 or

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